Welcome! Thank you for joining me, Sharon K. Schafer, on my journey to one of the most remote, beautiful, and truly wild places left on our planet: The Antarctic. I am an artist and naturalist from Nevada, USA who will be photographing, sketching, and journaling my experiences in Antarctica for two weeks in November 2007.

03 November 2007

Take off to Ushuaia

Traveling by air seems to be equal parts magic and luck. It is pure magic that one can load themselves into a “tin-can-with-wings” and fly across the country in just a few hours. The luck part come in where you need everything to go right – with no weather delays, no missed connections, and enough precious luck to keep every thing mechanical working properly. Today was not a lucky day… but it sure could have been worse.

I left Las Vegas at 7:15 am 3 Nov and flew to Forth Worth, Texas. We pulled up to the gate and the plane broke. American Airlines rushed around and found another plane about 4 hours later and continued to Miami with 10 minutes to spare so I could time to make my 8:30 PM flight to Buenos Aires.

The Buenos Aires plane broke but could be fixed in a couple of hours. Arrived Buenos Aires with an hour to spare only to find the flight to Ushuaia was boarding 45 minutes early. Somehow it all worked out and by 1:40pm local time, Nov 4, I arrived in Ushuaia having flown nearly 9,000 miles in just over 44 hours.

Clothing list:
Light weight Long Underwear - 2 Pair
Heavy weight Long Underwear - 2 Pair
Heavy weight Waterproof Bibs -1
Heavy weight Windstopper Fleece Pants -1
Pullover Fleece top – 2
Long Sleeve Polyester T shirt – 2
Short Sleeve Polyester T shirt – 3
Light Weight Fleece Jacket
Pants – 2
Sock Liners - 3 pair
Heavy Socks - 3 pair
Regular Socks – 1 Pair
Rain Jacket – 1
Rain Pants – 1
Cold Weather Parka -1
Medium Weight Gloves – 2 pair
Heavy weight Gloves – 1 Pair
Glove Liners – 2 Pair
Fleece Neck warmer – 1
Fleece hat – 2
Thin Lightweight Ski Mask -1
Ski Goggles -1
Trekking Poles – 1 pair
Arctic Sport Muck Boots – 1 Pair
Yak Track Pro – 1 Pair
Sleeping Shorts - 2 pair
Cotton T-shirt for sleeping – 1

Equipment List
Leatherman Tool